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Who is Ivor Madžar?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to write in third person. I am, in the first place – myself, human being lost in time and space, of which possibly neither exists.

Welcome to my first official webpage! For all of you who don’t know me (well), here you will be able to see where and in what ways my thoughts drift, just like my feet. You will get to know my goals, hobbies, and life & business steps that I’m taking. Before I go into a description of my role in this crazy and unpredictable life, which I assigned myself by exploring the world and using my logic – give me a second (or two) to tell you why this page exists. Also, what you’ll be able to find on it.

By building my carreer and curiously investigating everything that is in my field of interest so I could get to a version of my own truth (read: what makes me happy), I met a crazy amount of people with whom I share a crazy amount of interest. For this reason, and because they were constantly asking me to, I decided to start a webpage which will be a center-point of information for those kind of interests. With my personal thoughts and posts about my personal life, for those who will be interested – you will find a great amount of science-based articles about nutrition, human body and a healthy lifestyle. You wll also find articles about movement and articles about spirituality & self-development.


Food, movement, words.

3 terms which in its basis describe what burns inside of me. What I love and want to explore.



This is at the moment one of my center-points in life. Food has always been a big inspiration for me. And although my father is a chef, I never even imagined becoming one. The reason behind that was that I’ve seen how exhausting working in a food industry really is by working with him over my summer breaks in different restaurants. I don’t even have to mention how low the salary was in comparison to effort and sacrifice. So, how did I find myself in the end working as a vegan chef?
It all started with bookmarking hundreds and hundreds of food-related articles while I was going in high-school. The main goal at the time was to improve my brain activities. In translation – to memorize the subjects better and to organize myself better.
Little by little, food became more and more important in my workout routines, because I wanted shortcuts. I wanted to build better muscles, I wanted to feel and be more energized, I wanted  faster recovery after the workouts. Very soon I realised I am what I eat, that the nutrients are far more important than calories, and that health is a synonym for the degree of quality of life. How long will I live wasn’t important anymore, only how good will I feel. Realisation that in this life I can be better, stronger and with more energy – was a new base for my relationship with food. Next to our thoughts and behaviour on a psychological ground, food is the main factor of a balanced functioning of the organism (from hormones that regulate our emotions to enzymes, bacteria, organs…). I stopped fooling myself that all those factors are not connected. Cause and effect links are mostly most important in the simplest of things.

Beside concentrating on food through a health aspect, part of the creativity that woke up in me was in the aestethic of dishes. To create a dish that will positively surprise the taster with its texture, flavour combination, aromas of spices and its appearance – was a challenge that entertains me to this day and puts on a new plateau for me as we speak.



Researching different kinds of “Superhumans” from the documentaries of Stan Lee (“Marvel comics”), I realized that things we consider impossible are of very labile structure. Disintegrating those kind of thought processes has shown me that those people were not always unique in a special way, but that they developed their abilities with right techniques.  Of course genes give us more or less potential for development, but  here we can see what we are really capable of. When  you realize that, it seems so crazy spending hours working on the computer. The urge to explore my possibilities with the movement of breath, body and thought – is unbelievably inspirational. Being aware of the scenario where we cushioned ourselves into the comfort zone from which it is too hard to get up, I got an urge to go back to basics.

What are we designed for?

Why did we lose it?

Can we take it back?

There is a lot of stuff that are in my field of interest regarding the human body, psyche, lifestyles, brain, talents, organization, productivity, sleeping patterns, eating habits and fasting, meditation, breathing, nature, spirituality…. and in the end, what believing in yourself can bring to you. Every single day I try to put to practice in this or that way the things I learned, and one of those was body movement.
Taking it back to the start – what we’re designed for – I came to the conclusion not to focus on one sport, but to merge movements from variety of them. Those movements I first found in Parkour. It has teached me how to jump over all obstacles that cross my path, with a flow. I don’t even have to emphasize how much that philosophy is more important on a psychological level than on a physical one. Through Parkour and by researching and observing people from around the world who understand human movement more than anybody, I fell in love with simplicity and realized that this is where the biggest strength is hidden.



Why words? Along with all the words that are pouring out of me now and those which will pour out of me in the process of writing this blog – words arranged in a way to form what we call poetry, follow me since my elementary school days. Age 10 I started my journey with poetry. It has been transformed in so many ways this last 18 years. From nursery rhymes, rap poetry, wrongly written sonnets, pretty bad haiku, Shakespear’s imitations, poetry dialogs and slam poetry, until today’s writing style. If we can call that a “style”. For me, it is an area which is so open to experiments, inspiration and freedom, that it is impossible to put any frames to its development.
I try not to focus on making it it perfect. Of course I correct it, scratch it, throw the papers… but I write about what I find inside me, and what doesn’t have to necessary be born in me. Inspiration lies in life, universe, people, love, contrasts, meaning. Nothing and everything.
You’ll probably stumble upon some of my poems here simply because they are a part of me. On this page I reveal everything that sleeps in me, and everything that is slowly waking up.


Man of many words often says nothing. I hope this will not be the case. But, in any case, I’ll return to the start and to the role I prescribed myself:

For the last 4 years I’ve been working as a raw food chef (green chef). In a description I didn’t go in too much detail why raw food, but you willl see that in the articles to come. On the University of Zagreb I finished education of physics and computer science, but the love for science of food has taken me to a title of a nutritionist, which I got by finishing classes in an educational complex “Ustanova Magistra” in Zagreb.
Along with that, I lead raw food workshops where I demonstrate recipes that I’ve been preparing working in restaurants last few years. Most of the time on this workshops I share my knowledge on nutrition based on my own experience and scientific research.
At the moment I’m working in Thailand, in the Evason Hua Hin resort as a culinary instructor of plant-based cooked and raw food for a Blue Lotus plant-based learning centre.

My experience in raw food started with volunteering in an association Art of Raw 2012., where Darko Juric and Lena Juric, along with their amazing volunteers, taught me everything I know about raw lifestyle and recipes. In Art of Raw I am active still today, and along with that, with my friends who are amazing vegan chefs I started an association named “Avokado” which is focused on promoting plan-based food and lifestyle. Avokado takes ecology into a very big focus and is trying to incorporate healthy meals in educational institutions.

For all the questions, suggestions and advices don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy In Motion website.
I have a lot to share with you, and I truly hope that we can develop a top quality interaction here so we can create a community which will be able to do some actual changes on a physical level and on the consciousness of people.