Blue Lotus center [Thailand part 2]

Welcome to my new workplace!

In this post I will describe what does this center do and show you what have we been doing for the past 3 months while I’m here.

Blue Lotus learning center is exactly what its name says it is – a center where  we teach our guests how to make beautiful plant-based dishes. We also concentrate on the dishes which are simple to make and give our organism all the nutrients it needs. In the same time we’re presenting flavors that are unique for Thailand, and respectively for Asia. The philosophy of Blue Lotus comes down to using whole-food ingredients and recycling all that we use. The idea for recycling is spread across the whole Evason Hua Hin resort. This is why you will find baskets and trash cans everywhere. There is also a big recycling area which takes care of everything.

recycle bins

On the workshops which are held on daily basis,  along with the recipes, we explain nutritional importance of micronutrients and, depending on the type of the workshop – how does specific food help in an active lifestyle.
At the moment we have 7 different workshops and 2 week-long classes. In the week-long classes people are able to learn a great number of recipes, cooking techniques & knife skills (safety first!) and get a variety of tips & tricks that will help them make a dish more elegant and faster. Also, they are able to explore our beautiful organic garden from which they we pick fresh fruits and/or veggies for the dishes we’re making. 2 times in the week we’re taking them to the morning market near the resort and we also visit a near by beach and Khao Kalok hill.

But wait… there’s more!

In the center on a daily basis we experiment with new dishes and ingredients – tasting and improving the recipes we have so the quality can always be at its best. Different vegan dishes are also designed for the restaurants in the resort. Production and presentation of those dishes to the chefs of the restaurants and close co-operation with them is what thrills me by working here. Although in the resort works more than 200 people, you can really feel the family-like connection and team work. Sometimes the resort chefs are the ones who are participating in the workshops so they could learn something new and broad their skills. They are not skeptical toward the vegan cuisine, but very open to implement some of our dishes in the restaurants. Because of that, in restaurants you can already try good number of dishes that were created in the home of Blue Lotus, and the offer keeps on spreading..

Further work of the center you will be able to see through my other articles, along with more detailed description of the workshops that we’re arranging.
On this note, I leave you with the photos of some of our dishes that we made in those workshops. As you will be able to see, plating is very important for us because esthetic is a big part of experiencing every meal, so we encourage people to play with arranging ingredients so they can wake up a childish creativity in themselves which constantly seeks for inspiration.

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