Consciousness as an instrument for the control of ego?

Quite frankly, I’ve had enough with excuses. Those of others as well as my own. Like Eckhart Tolle states – we are defined by our attitudes and our actions. We have witnessed people who had a rough childhood and accomplished that which our system considers to be an exquisite achievement. Likewise, we’ve witnessed people with rough childhoods who remained trapped in difficult situations later in life. Are circumstances really the main factor for success? Of course, situations build character, but true achievement depends on our attitudes and the ability to act (execute). Nowadays, accomplishment is associated with money and power, but how important are these things really? What is it that we are actually looking for? For how long are we going to continue on believing that emotion can be bought, that it is something outside of us?

Do you trust me when I tell you that the feeling you are striving to get to –  can be yours right now? Let’s have a more detailed look at attitudes and actions which lead one towards love (for life moments, experiences) and another towards envy and turmoil.

How conditioned are we, really? Blaming our environment, politics, people, time and situations. Is happiness not a state of consciousness, and smile still free from charge? But it is so damn bitter-sweet to live in misery, after all that’s our common ground. The most of the majority is mostly worried. Worrying about things that may happen, but never really will. Worrying about things that have already happened, as if that is going to change them. Worrying about things that will happen, as if that will make them disappear. Focus remains fixated on a problem while “solution” is just a powerless echo in the background of courage.


Such a powerful word. We do not want to admit its usurpation, but we indulge in its contact with others. The need for attention is natural for social beings , but it’s overemphasized in a chaos of emotions. Maybe if they think it couldn’t get any worse for us, every step will be a small victory. But maybe, we like pity. Here, I pity you, you win!

Why do we live in a state of constant restlessness? What do we need to finally be happy with our lives, with how things currently are? Always something… But actually – nothing. We need to wake up and take our ego under control instead of letting it control us – which is unconsciously a permanent situation. “Situation” is an interesting word. Because, what does our ego think life represents? A sequence of situations, isn’t it? But it is fooling us that those situations ARE our life. Do you recognize the difference?

In whichever situation life has put us in this moment, realize that it doesn’t represent your life. Emotion created by that situation is not a reflection of who you really are. It is one of many faces of ego which feeds upon anxiety and dissatisfaction. You are absolutely capable of detaching yourself from emotion through the process of bringing it to consciousness.

If in a moment of a fierce emotional reaction you just stop and observe an emotion as something outside yourself, the emotion itself will change its state. Even in quantum physics when there is an observer involved in an experiment, quantum states change. Pure consciousness changes circumstances. Observe the present moment, observe the emotion and perceive it as a part of ego, and observe ego as a body outside yourself. Smile at your ego and visually erase it. What remains is You. Pure consciousness without strain/anxiety, judgments, assumptions, fear, worry. Pure smile conscious of the present moment. And that is what is really important, that is life.

That is you.

You are in absolute control of everything that happens to you, you always have a freedom of choice to select your emotions freely if you disidentify from the ego. In that case you control a situation and you create out of it only the best for yourself. Of course, it is always easier said than done, but like with every constructive habit – it takes time. Practice awareness in any given moment whether you are doing something or feeling negative emotions. Be present. What does that mean?

Stop the flow of thoughts because thoughts are objects of the past and the future, be present here and now. One of the easiest methods of doing this is concentrating on your breath and becoming conscious of the situation you are in so that you could separate the association of certain negative emotions from that situation. Then become aware of space that surrounds you, that emptiness that constitutes existence itself. You already know that each single object that exists is made of 99% emptiness.

Objects are made of atoms stacked in a crystal grid, and are so small that it is safe to presuppose that virtually everything that makes up an object is empty space. Change your perspective, respect nothingness because everything exists because of it. On the one hand, everything is an illusion which occupies our life situations. Become conscious of sounds that surround you, every car outside, every bird, every sound of the wind blowing. If you are listening to music, analyze every instrument that you can hear, become the observer. And then, become aware of Silence. Silence in which these sounds come in and out of existence. Silence which allows existence of vibrations with different frequencies that reach our ears. Become aware of your other senses – smells around you, the flavor of every food or drink, your own body. Pay attention how your shirt touches your back and how your pants touch your legs. If you stand, pay attention to your feet, touching the ground, to your arms, to the sensation of being cold or warm. Be in the moment and observe.




Observe the ego in different people, their character which they identify as themselves. Become conscious of the fact that in every reaction, especially the one charged with negative emotions, ego prevails in them. Separate the ego of that person from that person. Don’t become resentful of them, don’t judge, don’t provoke. Because if you do that, you haven’t succeeded in controlling your own ego. In core of everything there are no negativities, only ourselves (our pure selves) aware of illusions, but we use these illusions only for our wellbeing and positive emotions.

There is the Truth, which is quite different from what we are used to, from what we’ve been introduced to, from that which has imposed on us. When it is said that “The truth will set you free”, understand that it doesn’t refer to your lies and truths which you tell one another. It is about the truth of presence of the moment which offers liberation from all illusions, separation and ultimately – the ego, with the consequence of becoming awakened. Reality is completely different and it waits for you with open arms.

Just become aware of it.



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