I woke up

I woke up.

It was saturday.

But it wasn’t just any saturday, there was something different about this day. I sat on my bed for a while, just focusing on my breath. But, there was something different about my breathing. It flowed with the wind that pressed itself upon every tree, every branch, every leaf.
The complexity of movement was ever-increasing, from the trees which flowed slowly and graciously all the way to the intricacy of numerous leaves which moved dynamically, aggressively.

I was amazed with this detailed, mozaic view of the whole scene. There was something so peaceful about it, weird I never recognized it sooner. Then I suddenly got a funny feeling that I was watching some kind of a documentary about  trees, because it was all happening inside the frame of my window. I was amazed – my window had another purpose as my personal substitute for National Geographic. And I intended to use it quite often, because the picture I was getting was more than just HD. It was the real thing, you should try to see it sometimes really – if you have a window…

The quality of the sound is just great also, almost surreal. Ok, we won’t over exaggerate , it is just plain real, but as real as you can get! Anyways, I waited until nightfall, and then I tried to watch my new TV once more. Oh, maybe I forgot to turn it on, I thought to myself. Where’s the remote control? Those workers who installed this window 10 or 20 years ago never gave them a remote control?  Such assholes.

I just started staring at the black screen… what else could I do? But after a few minutes, I started seeing little blue sparkling dots. After 15 minutes, there was a dozen of them. Maybe my TV was finally catching up with the signal? I don’t know.

I fell asleep.

I woke up.

It was sunday.

But it wasn’t just any sunday, there was something different about this day… Suddenly I heard a voice, it was a nurse.
– Good morning sir, are you practicing your morning breathing routine?…Good, you’ve got this.
As she was leaving , I wanted to grab her attention, so I shouted:
Wait… Do you have a remote control?
A remote control?
-Yes…for my new TV. It’s kind of rainy and blurry on this particular channel
– Oh dear, but you already have a TV in your room, you should consider yourself lucky. After all, not all our patients have this commodity of owning a TV in their rooms.
– What do you mean?
– Well, patients with dementia get a TV with a single channel, National Geographic, because it always looks new and unfamiliar to them, to you… And others don’t get a TV at all because they complain how there’s only 3 channels – 2 of which are about politics.
– You don’t understand, I need a remote for my window, at nightfall it turns itself off!
– Oh dear, you’ve been watching too much TV lately…
I was angry. She never directly told me that there was no remote for my TV.
I was disappointed. I looked at the wind smashing against the trees, bending them, stretching them. But the picture wasn’t clear, it looked kind of foggy. Funny. Maybe a white noise interference?

Who knows…?




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