In Motion Philosophy

After contemplating about my life and in search of a brand which will represent me well – In Motion was born.


If I had to describe my life philosophy in 3 words, it would be this:


In this article I go in more details who I am and what those terms represent for me. They are the reason In Motion was created. For me, life is an experience of contrast, sensing and experiencing everything… To be an observer and a protagonist at the same time, oneness in a duality of universe. We experience life through interaction, action and emotion.

Emotions are the one thing we seek and run away from, not realizing often that every experience of emotion is a way to grow. Design of pain, either physical or emotional one, is here to warn us to change the direction before it becomes damaging for us, or even fatal. If there wasn’t for pain, we wouldn’t take our hand fast enough from the hot stove and, at the same time, we wouldn’t got ourselves out from unbearable situations. Unfortunately, human beings have crafted the science of adaptation to pain in the form of self-punishment because of the low level of self-respect. It’s like we have, in the process of modernization, put all our focus on material trying to make it more valuable and slowly removing it from ourselves – making ourselves less valuable. In our empathy we are ready to give all our love to others, thinking it is limited. In that way we were left in a misapprehension there was none left for us. Love toward one-self, acceptance of one-self is a basis from which we can learn how to react to the emotional pain, before it’s too late.

This introduction was necessary to explain why we need whole spectre of emotion.

The constant happiness philosophy can be dangerous and misleading. We are here to experience everything, but –  to use negative emotions like a turning sign. They are not here to live in them, although it often seems that it is almost impossible to get out of them. Process of making this conscious is the key. Like bringing the heat of the stove to consciousness has helped us not to burn our hand even more,  bringing the situation and emotion to consciousness can change the quantum state of the emotion itself.

Making something conscious can be a moment for some people and a process for others. Like a habit, it is trained until it becomes a part of us. It reroutes focus from the pain to a respect for one-self not to allow the pain. It starts from the role of an observer and it continues in the role of a protagonist… by acting (on it). Without our actions there is no wanted result.

Like consciousness, we also train self-control in that way. With this, after every (re)-action in new situations, we feel stronger and more confident. It is the basis of experience. This is not of course anything new for you, but remembering to change the focus with consciousness + acting on it, can take you far in your happiness. If we don’t implement action, we stay trapped in the role of an observer, which can have one of two results. First one is to believe there is no way out where we fight with constant anxiety. The second one is so-called “enlightenment” after one realizes that in the peak of the fear (and the biggest one is often the one of death) – nothing happened. That kind of situations can be very risky because they can do physical changes on the organism, but in rare situations people start seeing the world with “different eyes” because they made conscious they survived the worst.

Before this becomes an article by itself, let’s go back to why are those three words important to me. Realizing that emotions are the main key for our life, I could not stop thinking about one of my favorite quotes from the genius Anthony Robbins:


“Emotion comes from motion.”


When we have a problem, or the shortage of positive emotions in our life, the best way to re-activate them is with – motion. Robbins, in his books and lectures, speaks a lot about this aspect and different ways to achieve it. It was something that became a basis of my thinking patterns and I believe it can help you also. You will be able to read about it on this page.

Really, movement is a word that unites all aspects of my life because it allows action through a specific flow. Either it is the flow of thought, over the obstacles or a creativity flow… in its simplicity it is the integral part of growing, peace and happiness.


“Resist nothing.”


I don’t want be afraid of emotions or live without them. That is the reason I want to be In Motion
In the logo itself you can see a small spiral in the shape of letter “e” – for “emotion”. Spirals have been for me a primaeval form of the universe – us. They are present everywhere and in every size, from microscopic to macroscopic forms and I believe they can teach us about life more than all the schools together. Design and the intelligence of nature are amazingly structured, and the same design is formed in us. We are separated from the nature only by how much we believe we are.

In the end, In Motion initials represent also my own, so in that way I feel I live In Motion as much as In Motion lives in me. I hope my words will synchronize with your vibration, and if they will not, it’s ok. We are here to learn from each other, to grow together in the process and to learn to love ourselves again.

Do not hesitate to send a message, to share your experiences and thoughts. I believe together we can come to new ideas much faster and in that way we can lead a much more quality life.

Thank you.



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