The Fall

type writerI had the weirdest dream.
I was falling,
Like Alice.
Or failing…
Words are blurry in dreams.

There were no hands to grab on.
There was no slowing down.
It lasted for most of my life.
I grew old and cold to the fear.
I stopped caring, but the fall was blurry, still.

I started wishing for the end of the road,
A horizontal wall, if you wish.
The pain, the blood…
Anything to surprise me,
To feel the part of what they call life.

And the surprise came.
It was fear, again,
But not the death related one. No.
“What if I don’t feel love anymore?”
“What if… I never live anymore?” What if?

Like a sign, suddenly
You woke me up,
Because you heard me screaming
“Love! Love!” again and again.
Eyes opened, as clear as you.



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