What did Music do to you?

There is something infatuating in the ethereality of certain songs…  Sometimes it drives us like a roller coaster, slowly up to heights where it reaches a space with no thoughts, only feelings so strong they make the body quiver. Mixed emotions. Fear and Excitement melt into each other like lovers reaching climax. And suddenly, there comes the moment. A moment where you have no other choice but to let go…completely. Embracing whatever comes next – with zero resistance we live that ineffable moment. In the fall we become free. On that specific note, with that specific voice, in that tiny moment we feel… everything.

In that tiny moment we need nothing. In that tiny moment we recognize life for what it is, not how it’s interpreted. We are all versions of ourselves, in that tiny moment.

This is where we know we could do, not only anything, but everything, while we immerse in awe-gazing inspiration.


What did music do to me? Exactly that.

It showed me Who life is and how possible he is. Much more than that, it showed me he can create much more than I could imagine. That is why he is here. He wouldn’t exist if he wouldn’t have such an important role. Trust me, he wouldn’t…

How sad is it that he’s the most misunderstood shape of existence – life. I do hope he is aware that you are defined as misunderstood only when you misunderstand yourself. Everything else is irrelevant since everybody else will have their projection of you, so in reality nobody will ever truly understand who you are and why you are doing what you do. It is only you who define yourself. I hope he understands that. I hope he understands himself.

You know what’s the thing about life? Part of him lives through other people. This is why he questions himself…because people question him. They reflect words and actions that hurt them in the past, again and again. Believing they are who they were in the past, even though they are not who they were a moment ago. There is that weird need to stare at the sun at 3 pm. Thinking we will adjust to it, but what it does only is slowly making us blind to life around us.

For the sake of life, please, re-focus.


What did music do to me? Exactly that.

It re-focused my attention by using emotions. It took me through time and collected positive souvenirs to activate my gratitude. It took me through hard times and showed me how to let go. It took my fears and twisted them until they broke. It took me… by surprise… and I realised that life isn’t life if it’s predictable.

It teached me. Mostly that all separations are illusions. The biggest one being the one from myself. From life. As I, too, live through others – trying to show them who they are, and trying not to define myself through their eyes. Trying to show them they have always been complete and there is no search. Only focus.

This probably wasn’t what you were expecting.
It rarely is, that’s how you know life is playing with you. Because, he only cares about play.

Well, and music too.




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