With a spoon on the road [Thailand Part 1]

Let’s rewind 3 months back.

Admiring the photos of an amazing vegan chef and my dear friend Cristophe Berg, who started in the “Evason Hua Hin” resort something that was one of my goals in the future career – I was imagining how beautiful it would be to work at such a place, surrounded by tropical natural beauty. That something is a plant-based learning center, in Christophe’s case – “Blue Lotus Hua Hin”. That place is Thailand or to be more precise – Pak Nam Pran.


How I practically  never created an opportunity for myself to travel anywhere further than Czech Republic, this idea seemed so far and unrealistic – despite the fact that love toward tropical places has nudged me, as a half-raw vegan, to go on similar expeditions as soon as possible.
All until one day I got a serious reality punch in the head and a big driving energy for life when I received a message in my inbox from a laptop 8500 km away. It was an offer to work with the previously mentioned chef and his Blue Lotus team.

I think it’s unnecessary (at the same time impossible) to describe the ecstatic feeling for this opportunity. Of course I was checking the flights toward this amazing country the next second. After couple of skype calls and a lot of e-mails with Chris and other employees of the resort, we managed to work out everything necessary to put myself in the cosy seat of Qatar airlines.

I arrived first in Doha, Qatar and then in Bangkok after 13 hour of travel. Went through a passport check, grabbed my baggage, changed some money to thai bahts (1 hrk = 5.13 thb) and found my resort driver who brought  me to this magical resort after 3 and half  hours more. It’s not that I randomly throw epithets around… the experience of the resort is truly unbelievable. The night was slowly falling when I arrived and without exaggerating – I had a feeling I walked  into a some kind of parallel universe where all the colors are more expressed, all sounds more clear, where everything is covered in some kind of invisible cape of security, happiness and relaxation. Tropics – you’re magical indeed!


As I went through 5 time zones, my organism definitely had to adjust – which was manifested in my fatigue (read: constant feeling of sleep deprivation) and a couple of headaches, but I can say I was expecting worse. They say how many time zones you go through that many days you need to adjust. All in all, I was welcomed here with arms spread wide and a lot of smiling faces (they also say that Thailand is a country of smiles – this is not an exaggerated statement) who are ready to help you around every little thing you need. All so you can feel comfortable and welcomed. By getting to know the team of Blue Lotus center where I work at the moment, I realized I will have the same kind of support from them too, if not bigger. Christophe and the team have accepted me as a family member and tried to answer all of my questions about food, kitchen or rules of behavior. For all that I am really grateful.

And here we are. In the present moment.

I’m sitting in my room (villa) of the resort with a big bed with baldachin, big terrace and a perfect view of coconut trees… and I’m writing about my experience. In short: I am happy. I should probably slam the CAPS LOCK key over this words, bold them and do a 146 font size. Really, to get the opportunity to build my career in this place, surrounded by this kind of team and to absorb their huge knowledge and experiences as a sponge, is something you cannot put a price on. Especially when you do what you really want and love. And at the same time to have endless and unconditional support from my girlfriend, my parents and family, and my friends – means more than life. So many reasons to be grateful. So many reasons to love life. So many reasons to be happy.



I will end on this because additional words would be redundant today.

Thank you and until next time… Bye!




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